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If music is your primary passion in life, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t forge a career in the industry. After all, there are so many different jobs in music that you can apply for, and the world is very much your oyster as far as applying for them is concerned! 

From sound technicians to music tutors, so many talented individuals are making great money from the music industry while doing something that they truly love. 

So, without further ado, here are ten exciting jobs in music that you should think about if you’re hoping to pursue a career that aligns with your passions.


Jobs In Music: Independent musician 

There are so many advantages to working as an independent musician. You can book your own gigs, play your own tracks, and travel the world in the process. Thanks to a range of awesome online platforms and tools, it’s really easy to promote your music as an indie artist, too. You can perform at music venues, bars and nightclubs, and special events like weddings and birthday parties. 

While the pay varies, you can land gigs that pay several hundred dollars a time while earning royalties from online streams. What’s more, as you’re making your way as an indy musician and you increase your fanbase, you might be spotted by a label and have a good chance of signing that musical deal you’ve always dreamed about! 


Jobs In Music: Sound technician 

If your talent lies away from the spotlight, one of the best jobs in music is that of a sound technician. You can leave the creative aspects of music production to the singers and writers, and your job is to ensure that the sounds are on point. You are responsible for setting up and operating high-tech equipment that lends itself to the artists in question. 

Sound technicians work in a whole host of industries and venues, from theatres to recording studios. The role necessitates someone who is passionate about music and interested in tech, and it pays really well. Most sound technicians receive an annual salary of around $50,000, so it’s a great way to earn money in the industry.


Jobs In Music: Music producer 

Another technical job in music is that of a music producer. While not usually focused on the lyrics or the content of the tracks themselves, music producers play an integral role in the technical aspects of the music and are responsible for overseeing recording sessions and post-production. 

Producers work closely with multiple musicians and help to negotiate contracts, create production timelines, and keep things on track throughout the entire production process. Essentially, a music producer is a little like a project manager and will be responsible for various tasks each day. Like sound technicians, producers are well paid, with salaries starting from $50,000 and increasing significantly thereafter. 


Jobs In Music: Radio broadcaster 

Although radio is no longer as popular as it once was, it’s still a popular way for people to listen to music on the go. Every radio show requires at least one broadcaster to fill the role of host, and they’re responsible for putting their shows together, playing tracks, and engaging with listeners. 

You can find a role as a broadcaster on local, national, and even international radio, and there are lots of genres to choose from. Many radio broadcasters begin their careers as journalists, which is worth considering if you aspire to be a presenter. You can expect to make upwards of $40,000 per year as a radio broadcaster, which is a decent salary for doing a job that you love. 


Jobs In Music: DJ 

While there is an overlap between the role of radio broadcasters and DJs, not all DJs work on the radio. In fact, many DJs are self-employed and play at different venues around the country. You may also find that DJs land residencies, which see them play at the same venue for an agreed period of time. 

This enables them to showcase their talents and entertain clients while having a great time in the bargain! Many DJs charge an hourly rate for their services, which can be anywhere between $30 and $100, depending on the gig. Ultimately, as you grow your profile as a DJ, you have an excellent opportunity to establish a successful career for yourself in music. 


Jobs In Music: Booking agent 

Another great job in music to consider is that of a booking agent. Agents play a crucial role in all aspects of the music industry, and booking agents are responsible for getting gigs for their clients at different venues. You will need to be well connected, but you can make a significant amount of money as a booking agent, as most work on a commission basis. 

Essentially, if you secure a gig for a musician at a venue, you will receive a cut of the fee as your commission. You can set your own rates as a booking agent, and your earnings depend on how good you are at negotiating! But it’s common for booking agents to earn in excess of 10% per gig, which translates into good earnings as a result. 


Jobs In Music: Publicist 

Working as a music publicist is a great way of bringing your love for music together with your talent for advertising and promotion. Publicists are employed by record labels and music venues to promote the music that is played and to enrich the profile of up-and-coming musicians. One of the best things about the role of a publicist is that you get to attend many events and parties within the industry! 

Networking is a big part of a publicist’s job, so you will need to be outgoing and willing to attend events and engagements to promote the musicians that you’re working with. Again, working as a music publicist is well paid, with most bringing home at least $60,000 a year, with multiple other perks and benefits. 


Jobs In Music: Music tutor/teacher 

If you’re a highly skilled musician yourself, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t offer music instruction to your students. Whether you’re a guitarist, violinist, or drummer, you can offer private or group lessons to learners in your area. The great thing about being a tutor is that you can set your rates to be competitive and base them on the demand in your region. 

You could even take your musical talents one step further and commit to a career as a music teacher. Of course, you will need to study for a degree in a relevant discipline, but you can enjoy a rewarding and well-paid career as a music teacher as a result. For instance, K-12 music teachers receive an average salary of $56,000 per year. 


Jobs In Music: Orchestra musician 

So many of us have the opportunity to play musical instruments from a young age, be it the violin or cello. If you stuck with your hobby and have mastered a classic instrument, you might be interested in pursuing a career as an orchestra musician. There are several ways to join an orchestra, but you will probably need to begin by auditioning for a spot in a symphony. 

Once appointed, you can play at venues all around the world and participate in musical productions at sold-out venues. It’s a wonderful way to make a living from music, and most orchestra musicians receive an annual salary in the region of $50,000. 


Jobs In Music: Songwriter 

Some people have an abundance of creativity, and one way to channel that is to embark on a career as a songwriter. You don’t need to be musically gifted to succeed as a songwriter, but it certainly helps to have a musical background. Many songwriters begin by partnering with musicians, while others work on a freelance basis. 

If you manage to write a song that becomes a smash hit, you will be set for life from the royalties that come with it! If you have a talent for writing, you can supplement your songwriting credentials with other forms of writing, which can help you build a successful career. Freelance songwriters typically make in excess of $50,000 per year, but much more than that if some of their songs hit the top of the charts. 


Jobs In Music: Enhance your musical credentials today 

If you’ve recently started out as an independent musician, then it might seem like your dream job as a music producer or publicist is a long way from fruition. But everyone must start somewhere! 

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